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Chateau Štiřín

Crystals and grace. Hundreds of roses, hydrangeas and orchids filled the whole Salm’s Hall with their fragrance.

Restaurant Mánes

Pearls and orchids. Luxurious petals of orchids and floating pearls enhanced the beauty of the decent interior. Each guest was absolutely captivated by the sumptuous, but distinct and elegant decoration.

TV Nova

You can regularly see me on TV Nova providing inspiration about news and contemporary trends in floral design. I appear in Snídaně s Novou and Rady ptáka Loskutáka. My videos and articles can be found on and, in addition to this, you can attend my lectures...

Villa Richter

Gold and decent greenery. A noble decor for a corporate event on Ville Richter.

Grandhotel Pupp

The floral decor and the decoration of the main hall of the Grandhotel Pupp, Karlovy Vary. Table and stage decorations from two thousand red roses, crystals and candles intensified the luxurious atmosphere of these magnificent premises which the client had chosen for...

Chateau Mcely

Elegant gold and green decoration in Chateau Mcely. For the outer decoration, the bride and groom wished for a wedding gate in a natural style with wicker baskets. The wedding aisle was decorated with flowers. The floral decor at the wedding banquet was carried out...